Concordance Healthcare Business Spotlight

Concordance Healthcare has operated out of the Mocksville area for over 10 years and specializes in delivering customized supply chain solutions to the medical industry. This Ohio-based company is dedicated to serving in this field, with over 175 years of combined industry experience.

Concordance Healthcare’s Mocksville location is at the SouthPoint Business Park and is the regional provider of medical supplies, equipment, and supply chain services. This distribution center has an optimal location for transporting goods across the East Coast. As well, the location promotes business capabilities with Mocksville’s skilled workforce. 

Concordance Healthcare Fun Facts

  • In 2016, Concordance was formed as a merger between Kreisers, MMS, and Seneca Medical.
  • Concordance has over 1200 specialized employees to better serve the medical industry 
  • The Mocksville distribution center sits on 14 acres of land and has expansion capabilities of up to 153,000 square feet
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