CPP Global Business Spotlight

Carolina Precision Plastics, now known as CPP Global, is a quality and sustainability-focused manufacturer of packaging for cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The company has three plants, two in the United States, and one in China. The company has focused on a “Lean” operation; the idea is to minimize waste in any and all aspects. Containers like jars, bottles, compact makeup kits, and lip balm tubes are just some of the many products that CPP Global aims to perfect.

In the spring of 2012, the company opened a new manufacturing plant right off Highway 601 South in Mocksville. With a solid location, large facility, and an educated workforce, it was a clear choice for CPP. At the time, it created 140 new jobs and today the company remains a great occupation choice for Davie County residents.

CPP Global Fun Facts

  • By utilizing starch-based bio-resins, CPP has been able to replace oil-based plastics in their manufacturing process and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50%
  • In addition to their stock products, CPP’s talented team of engineers with the INNOstation offers custom product solutions to meet the needs of any customer.
  • CPP employs over 800 employees across the entire globe.
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