DFA Business Spotlight

The sound of silence while cruising down the interstate is often taken for granted by drivers and passengers alike. Dr. Freist Automotive GmbH, or DFA, is the expert in the design and manufacturing of sound deadening and reinforcement materials with a primary focus on the automotive sector. DFA was officially founded in 2004 but has a long history dating back to 1856 with the founding of parent company Gerko Werke Bielefeld.

In 2021, this family-owned international company relocated from Mt. Airy to Mocksville to expand in size and production capability. Their new facility off Bethel Church Road spans 110,000 square feet and will allow DFA to produce for a third automotive manufacturer. With Mocksville’s hard-working citizens and fantastic location, DFA is able to continue to make quality products for the industry.

DFA Fun Facts

  • With the expansion into Mocksville, the company now produces for three automotive groups: Volkswagen in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Daimler in Georgia, and BMW in Greenville, South Carolina
  • All products from DFA are prepared using specifically designed equipment and are constructed and finished in-house using their trademark MKA (Mixing – calendering – equipment engineering) facility.
  • In 2013, the company founded GKD GmbH. This subsidiary company produces adhesives and sealants and is focused on developing and producing heat-activated and pressure-sensitive adhesives.
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