GESIPA Business Spotlight

Since 1955, GESIPA has stood as an international leader specializing in the latest riveting technology. They are one of the top providers in the world market for blind rivet technology. Blind rivets are sometimes called POP rivets and imply that there is no access to the blind, or backside, of the rivet. GESIPA utilizes specialized shapes and high-grade materials for their blind rivets in order to guarantee a rivet connection that is exactly as you envisioned. GESIPA also offers a wide variety of tools, nuts, and other hardware to complete and perfect any job. 

In 1999, GESIPA opened doors in Mocksville, and the company has continued to expand operations in Mocksville over the years. In 2016, the company expanded the Mocksville location and added 16 new jobs. The 83,000 square-foot facility in the South Point Business Park currently manufactures and distributes non-structural rivets and installation tools, and repairs installation tools.

GESIPA Fun Facts

  • GESIPA was founded in Frankfurt, Germany, and today is headquartered in Walldorf, Germany.
  • Their rivet technology has been used in a variety of products including aircraft and solar projects.
  • In 1975, the first production site for the US was opened in Trenton, New Jersey. 
  • With high-quality standards, GESIPA sets a “zero defect” target for all processes, products, and services they offer. This implies zero tolerance for error in any service or item that comes from GESIPA.
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