QST Business Spotlight

Quick Service Textiles, or QST, has been the world’s largest supplier of high-quality textile construction components for the last 140 years, and its business model is one that starts with family. In 1880, QST was founded as a family-owned and operated company that began selling textiles to local tailors in Chicago. Today, they remain family-owned and operated, and offer a wide variety of products like elastics, embroidery backings, interlinings, and pocketing, just to name a few.

QST is a broad, international company. The Mocksville facility off Lionheart Drive is one of 11 locations across the US. QST is committed to innovation, great value, and consistent high quality. QST makes the products that go inside your garment to ensure lasting construction and a perfect fit. Brands like New Balance, Carhartt, Coach, Adidas, and many more all rely on products from QST, and Mocksville’s location is one piece of the large puzzle that drives the clothing industry into the future.

QST Fun Facts

  • In addition to the US, QST also has numerous locations in Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East, Europe, Mexico, and Central America. 
  • Across the globe, QST employs 700 people and is continually growing.
  • QST has worked hard to develop field-specific textiles to make fabrics that fit a wide range of needs, including athletic, denim, and casual wear collections.
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