Scott Bader Business Spotlight

Scott Bader is an employee-owned global manufacturer of advanced composites, structural adhesives, and functional polymers. In October 2021, the company acquired a new $16M, 110,000 square foot facility in Mocksville’s SouthPoint Business Park to develop a state-of-the-art gelcoat and structural adhesives manufacturing facility. Scott Bader aims to have the new site fully operational in Q1 2023.

Fun Facts about Scott Bader 

  • Established in the UK in 1921, Scott Bader has a century of expertise in manufacturing high-quality, innovative products for a variety of markets around the world. 
  • Employs 750 people across seven manufacturing sites and 17 offices worldwide. 
  • Scott Bader was the first company in the UK to receive a Common Ownership Certificate.  The Bader family handed over their company shares to the Scott Bader Commonwealth Ltd, a registered charity, in 1951. Scott Bader is now owned by its employees, Trustees of the Scott Bader Commonwealth, who are responsible for the wellbeing of the business. 
    • The business is totally independent and cannot be taken over or sold, creating more sustainable business relationships.
    • Colleagues have an instrumental role in running the business, a role that is much greater than their everyday tasks and empowers them to learn and grow.
U.K. Headquarters
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