DDAC (Davidson & Davie Apprenticeship Consortium)

DDAC (Davidson and Davie Apprenticeship Consortium)

We are convinced that a well-rounded education alongside practical experience is the key to a sustainable and long-term career in our community.

To achieve that goal, we work closely with local industry and schools in Davidson and Davie Counties as well as Davidson-Davie Community College to build collaborative relationships.

DDAC (Davidson and Davie Apprenticeship Consortium) is an alliance of manufacturing companies in Davidson and Davie Counties aiming to provide bright futures for tomorrows’ talents.

An apprenticeship is a program that trains an individual to become a skilled tradesman in a particular field through on-the-job training and supervision of a trade professional. In addition to the hands-on technical work, the apprentice receives classroom instruction to learn the theoretical background.

DDAC apprentices enjoy a new job, receive an Associate’s Degree, and two Journeyman certificates while working full-time at a DDAC member company in Davie and Davidson County!

The alliance has developed a 4-year program that prepares young talent for their future in the fields of electronic or mechanical manufacturing in Davidson and Davie Counties. DDAC apprentices attend school one day a week and receive on-the-job training with one of the DDAC partnering companies for four days each week.

What is an apprenticeship program with one of DDAC’s member companies?

  • Paid, 4-year apprenticeship program in mechanical or electrical trades, or 2-year production operator track
  • Paid degree or certificate, no college debt
  • Eligible for full-time employment following graduation
  • Full benefits package
  • Competitive pay

For more information about becoming a DDAC apprentice or joining the manufacturing alliance visit their website here: Who is DDAC?

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