Testimonials & Quotes

The Hollingsworth Companies

“The Hollingsworth Companies looked at multiple locations throughout the Southeast prior to locating in Mocksville.  We are confident we made the right choice and would like to thank the Mocksville community for being willing to invest the time, effort, and money in being a true partner in making the SouthPoint Business Park so successful.

With the strong public/private support provided by the Davie County Economic Development Commission and Davie County Chamber of Commerce, the park has grown to 10 buildings, supporting over 1,100 jobs in the community.  We couldn’t be more excited about the future.” Joe Hollingsworth, Jr. CEO of The Hollingsworth Companies.

Special Events Services

“Mocksville provided us the right place at the right time. We found a great piece of land with easy access to I-40. It has been great getting to know everyone and working with the Davie County team. Everyone has been very welcoming and accommodating throughout the entire process. We are thrilled to be able to call Davie County home for SES!”  Michael Brammer, director of touring for Special Events Services.

Skyline National Bank

“In more than 20 years in the banking industry and after opening several branches I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a new branch opening. We’ve been very impressed with the people you have in this community like Terry Bralley, Bill Junker, and Joe Harris, and other business and community leaders. The level of effort that they’ve put into helping us get here is not something you see every day.”  Blake Edwards Jr., president and CEO of Skyline National Bank.

Pro Refrigeration

“Davie County continues to prove itself as the right location for our East Coast operation and has become home. It has been a supportive community since day one and continues to be. That’s why we are increasing our investment here.”  Jim VanderGiessen, CEO of Pro Refrigeration.

Commercial Realty Advisors

“We feel very fortunate to be here in Davie County with this project. I’d like to thank Terry and the economic development staff. Without these types of loans, I’m not sure we could pull off these types of projects. The effort that has gone into this on behalf of Terry and his staff is unbelievable. We’ve found that Davie County is just an awesome place to do business,” said John Reece, Commercial Realty Advisors, referring to a REDLoan the EDC obtained to support the construction of the Davie Industrial Center.

Comfort-Bilt Windows and Doors

Davie County is perfect for distributing our products. Its proximity to major interstates and its location midway up the Atlantic coast weighed heavily on the decision to locate here. The workforce ability and quality were major considerations as well. As has been mentioned many times before, Davie County has a history of making things, and we tapped into that resource.

The community continues to be supportive of businesses, and the EDC remains very proactive.  The town and county governments have a history of being pragmatic and progressive in regards to business development and growth,” Michael Barron, Plant Manager, Comfort-Bilt Windows and Doors.


We work closely with the Chamber, EDC, and local schools. This level of involvement is often unheard of, but Davie County truly believes in its businesses, its people, and retaining both. We appreciate all of the support we have locally!” Ashley Kern, Senior Human Resources Business Partner, Ingersoll Rand.

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