Avgol – Business Spotlight

With over 33 countries served around the globe, Avgol is the industry leader in non-woven fabrics. Nonwovens are fabrics that are bonded together in either a thermal or chemical fashion, and they can be extremely versatile with a variety of uses and properties. From diapers and health products to clothing and sheets, nonwovens are a huge part of today’s textile industry. Avgol was founded in Israel in 1953 and continues to remain relevant in today’s competitive industry.

Avgol has 119 manufacturing facilities and employs 24,000 individuals. Their largest manufacturing plant is in Mocksville, and with recent expansions, Mocksville’s plant has become the single largest producer of nonwovens in the world. Other facilities similar in function are located in Tel-Aviv, Israel; Hubei, China; and Tula, Russia. Avgol purchased the Mocksville plant in 2001 and has since expanded from one production line to five. The company chose Mocksville for its main area of operation due to its critical location with railroad access, as well as our hard-working population. 

Avgol Fun Facts

  • In 1988, Avgol became the leader in the global hygiene market for textiles, delivering a wide range of fabrics and materials for that market.
  • Avgol’s Forward Innovative Thinking (FIT™) lineup of fabric solutions was created to address the wide need for nonwovens across multiple industries, as their textiles engineering process incorporates modularity as a key feature.
  • Avgol’s sustainability goals are broad, with some goals including reducing water intensity by 10% by 2025 and recycling 50 billion plastic bottles by 2025.
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