Brakebush Brothers Business Spotlight

Rendering of the Brakebush Mocksville Building

Brakebush Brothers is a family-owned business that specializes in tasty chicken products. Since 1925, the Brakebush business has put special care into its work to ensure the highest quality food service. They have evolved from hauling local live poultry in the back of trucks, to being a large manufacturer of precooked chicken, including tenders, nuggets, and fillets.

What started in Westfield, WI, those years ago has expanded to Mocksville, NC, as of 2018. With over 110,000 square feet of facility and 3 production lines, Brakebush Brothers is able to produce 3 million pounds of chicken every week out of the Mocksville location.

The Brakebush facility being built in Mocksville North Carolina. The construction site includes the partially built building, a crane and building materials.

Brakebush Brothers Fun Facts

  • The company employs more than 350 team members at the Mocksville plant. 
  • Their complete processed chicken line features over 200 different chicken products to serve the food industry.
  • Other Brakebush locations include Irving, TX, and Wells, MN. 100% of the product is produced in the USA.
  • Brakebush’s high-output production lines are able to produce 10,000 pounds of product an hour
  • In 2020, Brakebush donated 280,000 pounds of chicken and conducted over 136,000 food safety tests.
  • Sustainability is a large focus at Brakebush, with 100% of cardboard, metal, and vegetable oil being recycled at all facilities.
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