(L to R) Commissioner Brent Shoaf, Representative Julia Howard, Commissioner Benita Finney, CTO Fred Indermaur, Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin, Indorama CEO of Hygiene Vertical Shachar Rachim, Plant Engineer Jeff Baity,  Avgol CEO Sivan Yedidsion, Avgol America VP Sales NA/LA & Business Development Ronnie Batchler, County Manager Brian Barnett, VP Operations NA Darryl Fournier, Commissioner Mark Jones 

Global manufacturer Avgol has taken a significant step towards meeting the growing domestic demand for its ultra-lightweight nonwoven fabrics by breaking ground on a 63,000 SF expansion at its Davie County facility. The $100 million investment will include a state-of-the-art sixth multibeam spunlaid production line and a laminate finishing line. This move reaffirms Avgol’s commitment to the region as a domestic supplier and leader in the global hygiene market.

(L to R) CTO Fred Indermaur, Avgol America VP Sales NA/LA & Business Development Ronnie Batchler, Quality Manager Dorothea Robinson, HR Assistant Maria O’Neill, HR Manager Sally Ressa, Process Engineer Nick Cristiano, Indorama CEO of Hygiene Vertical Shachar Rachim, Plant Engineer Jeff Baity, SAP & Sustainability Business Solution Manager Uri Arieli, EHS Manager Jon Anderson,  Avgol CEO Sivan Yedidsion, VP Operations NA Darryl Fournier, Hygiene Vertical Global Sustainability Leader Cassondra Winner, NA Sales Director Andrew Burns, Technical Sales Manager Mehdi Sarvestani, Avgol CAO & General Counsel Itamar Shai, VP Hygiene Vertical Quality John Bliden. 

Leading in the Global Hygiene Market

Avgol, which has majority ownership held by Thailand’s Indorama Ventures Limited Company, leads the global hygiene market with the most comprehensive range of ultra-lightweight spun-melt nonwoven fabrics. The addition of a new sixth production line in Mocksville, equipped with advanced Reicofil 5 (RF5) technology, further strengthens Avgol’s position in the industry. This cutting-edge machinery is expected to be fully operational by November 2024.

This expansion marks the fifth enlargement of Avgol’s flagship facility in Davie County since it acquired the plant from Unifi in 2001. With the introduction of the new production line, the Avgol America Mocksville plant is set to become the world’s largest single producer of non-woven fabric, showcasing the company’s dedication to continuous growth and excellence.

“I am happy that Indorama approved the investment of $100 million to add this sixth line, which will be the best nonwoven line in the world, here in Mocksville,” Shachar Rachim, CEO of Hygiene Vertical at Indorama, stated during the ceremony attended by North Carolina State Representative Julia Howard and numerous Davie County and Town of Mocksville leaders. “We believe in the United States’ stable and robust economy and feel comfortable with this investment, which will lead to future investments.”  

Echoing his sentiments, Sivan Yedidsion, CEO of Avgol, added,  “It wasn’t easy to convince our shareholders to invest this much money here, but they have confidence in our team and the previous successful project we’ve done here. We are confident this will be yet another success. We appreciate all the help and support we’ve received from the State of North Carolina, Davie County, and the Town of Mocksville. We also want to thank Ronnie Batchler ( Avgol America VP Sales NA/LA & Business Development), who has been an integral part of building this entire place, Darryl Fournier, VP Operations NA, who will be taking over the operations, and the rest of the team here at Avgol.” 

“We want to be a part of this community and considered an employer of choice. It is important to us to attract talented people from the area.” 

Creating Job Opportunities and Fostering Community Ties

The expansion project is expected to create 52 new jobs by the end of 2024, with an average annual wage of $55,647. This investment showcases Avgol’s commitment to being an employer of choice within the local community. Currently employing 260 individuals at its facility, Avgol’s expansion not only bolsters the local workforce but also contributes to the region’s economic growth and development.

Local Support and Appreciation 

During the groundbreaking ceremony, local officials, including Mocksville Mayor Will Marklin, Davie County Board of Commissioners Chairman Mark Jones, and Representative Julia Howard, expressed their appreciation for Avgol’s long-standing partnership and contributions to the community and offered their continued support. Terry Bralley, president of the Davie County Economic Commission, commended the collective efforts of the local community and Avgol in achieving success together.

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