Comfort Bilt Windows & Doors/Larson Manufacturing Business Spotlight

A large group of Comfort Bilt employees in royal blue t-shirts all stand in front their manufacturing facility in Mocksville North Carolina.

Originally founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Larson Manufacturing, Comfort Bilt Windows and Doors has been in operation in Mocksville since July of 1999, and they are a proud leading manufacturer for storm doors and windows. The reason for the location is simple: Mocksville is a growing area with a skilled working population. 

To continue their success, Comfort Bilt has just recently upgraded their plant in Mocksville to include air conditioning for all employees, as well as added 70,000 additional square feet to the facility. Additionally, Larson Manufacturing opened a 130,000 Square Foot Distribution Center next door, specifically for Comfort Bilt; this allows Comfort Bilt to more easily produce and distribute products for the East Coast. Safety, quality, productivity, positive thinking, and teamwork are the core values of Comfort Bilt, and their company values ensure that people, whether employees or customers are the top priority. Being the #1 producer of storm doors in the entire country is no small feat, and it would not be possible without Comfort-Bilt’s quality assurance and high standards.

Comfort Bilt and Larson Manufaturing employees stand in front of a blue , black and white balloon arch at the Comfort Bilt Building.

Comfort Bilt Fun Facts

  • They are the sole supplier of storm doors and windows to Lowe’s Hardware
  • Comfort Bilt was formerly known as Accents, as well as Dakota Services, with a facility located in Brookings, SD, before relocating to Mocksville
  • Comfort Bilt has nine product lines that are manufactured by over 200 employees.
  • In 2018 it was recorded that the plant had manufactured more than 10 million doors and windows.
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