Reprinted with permission from DavieLife Magazine

Davie County is putting EDUCATION at the center of our community through the IGNITE DAVIE College Promise Program! Davie County students now have the opportunity to continue their education without incurring student debt. All eligible high school graduates, regardless of financial need or academic ability, can continue their education and training to open the door to better career opportunities and increased earning potential.  

 “We are very proud of IGNITE DAVIE because it does put education at the very CENTER of our community by investing in the students of Davie County,” said Carolyn McManamy, Director of Davie CONNECT.

Seventy-one students from the Class of 2020 are taking advantage of this program by continuing their education at Davidson County Community College this fall. IGNITE DAVIE is providing last dollar scholarships to pay tuition and fees with a stipend of up to $250 per semester for books for eligible students attending full time.  

Students in the inaugural class of IGNITE DAVIE are studying in areas such as nursing, criminal justice, business management, welding and many are seeking their Associate’s Degrees with the intent of going on to a 4-year college or university.  

These students will give back to the Davie County community by volunteering five hours per semester in Davie County and participating in Career Connections. Through Career Connections, students will be matched with local businesses aligned with their course of study, giving students the opportunity to experience onsite learning and develop working relationships with local employers.

 “These experiences will provide students with a direct career path upon completion of college and our employers will have a steady stream of trained workers who are already familiar with their business,” said McManamy.

IGNITE DAVIE is playing an instrumental role in preparing students for their future careers and at the same time is saving these students and their parents thousands of dollars in tuition and fees. 

“We are not only investing in our students but also in Davie County,” McManamy said. “IGNITE DAVIE strengthens our workforce, improves high school graduation rates, attracts young families to move here, creates a competitive advantage for businesses and industries with a well-trained workforce, and increases the tax base leading to a better quality of life for everyone.”  

You can be part of the change that IGNITE DAVIE is sparking in the community by Committing to Our Kids. It will take true community-wide support to secure the dollars needed to endow the program for future generations of Davie students.

IGNITE DAVIE has set an endowment goal of $3 million dollars to secure the program for the future. We invite and encourage YOU to invest with us. Contributions can be made through or you can make a Direct Designation to IGNITE DAVIE through the upcoming United Way Campaign.

“We all have a role to play in making IGNITE DAVIE a success. Please join us and Commit to Our Kids today! You can be the “match” that lights the spark in our future!”

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