Keeping Employees Healthy While Keeping the Doors Open

During this unprecedented global health crisis, Davie County industries are seeking ways to protect the health of their employees and keep their doors open and businesses running as smoothly as possible. 

Terry Bralley, president of the Davie County Economic Development Commission (DCEDC) surveyed the county’s largest employers to find out how they are accomplishing those goals.  

“Covid-19 is having a profound effect on all businesses and each is searching for the best way to move forward,” said Bralley, as he shared steps taken by different companies. 

One company explained that it had implemented the following changes:

  • no non-essential personnel
  • no guests without an appointment and they must answer a questionnaire to enter the building
  • employees have been allowed to change shifts due to child care issues as much as possible
  • employees quarantined by a doctor with a note will receive no disciplinary action or occurrence
  • limiting interviews to urgent need only
  • employees who can work from home are doing so as much as possible
  • more space between tables in the break room
  • asking employees to keep 6 ft between them as much as possible (not practical in some spaces)

Another implemented similar steps and divided its factory into 4-5 areas to minimize employee contact. 

Meanwhile, a local company has divided its workforce in half. Both first and second shifts have been divided into two teams that will rotate. This week, first shift’s Team A is working the first 8 hours and Team B is working the second 8 hours. Next week they will be off and the second shift’s teams will cover both first and second shifts. The employees will qualify for unemployment because of their reduced hours. 

Yet another company indicated that it is operating with minimal staff onsite and practicing social distancing.  

“Please share with others your best practices and ideas,” urged Bralley “We are united and determined to work through this challenge together.”

To share what your company is doing, please contact Terry Bralley at or call him at (336) 751-2714.

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