Attracting Business by Sparking Imaginations

Published by  Jeanna Baxter White 

Carl Carney, President & CEO of Davie Construction Co.

As the President and CEO of Davie Construction Co. for the past 27 years, Carl Carney understands how envisioning the transformation of a lot into a building site sometimes takes a little imagination. That’s why ten years ago, he tackled a new challenge, creating spec building to help new companies picture themselves doing business in Davie County. His most recent, a 12,000 SF facility located in the BCM Industrial Park includes a 3,500 SF suite to be occupied by Davie Construction Co. and the remaining 8,500 SF currently available for lease.

Carney, a Columbia, SC native, realized early on that the community was poised for explosive growth and provided an abundance of prospects.  His investment in the 40-acre BCM Industrial Park and its spec buildings are his way of helping other business owners see the area’s potential.  “Davie County was the best decision for my business and my family,” said Carney, who, with his wife, Teddy, raised four children here while serving as President and CEO of Davie Construction Co.

Positioned for Development

He became involved in the property, located on Highway 64, three miles east of downtown Mocksville, seventeen years ago. “Twenty acres of the property is undeveloped, six acres are highway business, and 14 acres are zoned for L2 light industry. We wanted to create opportunities for companies that need smaller buildings, specifically those seeking “Flex-space” facilities that often have office space in front and warehouse space in the rear. These types of buildings are perfect for small manufacturing operations, warehouses, or offices under 12,000 SF,” he said. 

This 12,000 SF spec building on Dalton Road is perfect for small manufacturing operations, warehouses, or offices.
Inside View.

The L2 developed portion of the property is divided into 11 lots, with the first 9,000 SF spec facility built on Lot 3 (111 Dalton Business Court).  “As we had hoped, the first spec building attracted two new companies to our community. Soisa, Inc. is a transportation equipment company that is now also manufacturing masks. They are an international company, with headquarters in Chihuahua, Mexico. Infinity Elite Athletics found a completely different use for their side of the building with a gym designed for cheerleading and tumbling.”

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 inspired Carney to invest in the most recently completed spec building. “The recent tax reforms created opportunity zones to spur business, and the property where the development is located in Davie County was deemed to be in an “Opportunity Zone.” The tax incentives for a potential buyer and Davie Construction’s need for workspace compelled me to move ahead with our second building with it’s 8,500 SF area available for immediate lease.

As an enticement to companies wanting to build their own facility, Carney also prepared a 9,000 SF pad-ready site on Lot 7, with access to roads, water, and sewers.  “We can have 9,000 SF available for a potential tenant in less than four months from the time a lease is signed. There are ten lots left, and my goal is for each one to bring a new business to Davie County, with their employees spending money here and contributing to the quality of life that we all enjoy. Imagine all those new folks becoming involved in our community!”

9,000 SF pad-ready site at the BCM Industrial Park

Terry Bralley, president of the Davie County Economic Development Commission, appreciates Carney’s support. “Encouraging the private sector to develop spec industrial space has given our county an advantage in attracting new companies and jobs. Having buildings ready allows companies to move rapidly and has been part of Davie’s ability to expand our economy.  We have been very successful with spec buildings over 100,000 SF with pre-graded pads. Adding inventory below that number with our first 12,000 SF building with a pre-graded pad, which is also in an opportunity zone, will be beneficial to Davie’s continued growth.”

A Corporate Culture of Giving Back

New companies couldn’t find a better advocate of enthusiastic community involvement than Carney. As Davie County Chamber of Commerce’s Business of the Year in 2016, then president Carolyn McManamy, said “We love seeing Davie Construction signs around town. They signify growth, success, and a commitment to building our community.”  The company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 by spearheading a different service project every month. Among those were fundraising to purchase an electronic sign for The Dragonfly House Child Advocacy Center, a head-shaving event benefiting the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to fight childhood cancers, donations for Ignite Davie education fundraiser and donations to Toys for Tots and the Davie County Heroes Fund supporting veterans. The company sponsored the Davie County Senior Games that year and collected for the Clemmons Food Pantry.

A corporate culture of giving back is among the reasons Davie Construction Co. is considered an “Employer of Choice.” In an effort to provide more career choices to the youth of the area, members of the management team are working with Davie High School and the local community colleges to develop internship and apprenticeship programs. “To those whom much is given, much is expected,” said Carney. “Davie County has given us so much; we are always seeking ways to support our community. Attracting new businesses through spec building is a proven strategy to achieve that objective!”

How to Get More Information

For more information about BCM Industrial Park or Davie Construction Co., contact Carl Carney at or 336-940-6600 ext. 1004.

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