Ingersoll Rand Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight — Ingersoll Rand

Answers provided by Ashley Kern, senior human resource generalist, Ingersoll Rand – Mocksville.

What is the name of your business?: Ingersoll Rand

Who is the Owner/Manager? What is their title?: Michael Lamach, CEO of Ingersoll Rand, Inc. // Locally, Meshach Cleary, Plant Manager of Ingersoll Rand – Mocksville

What product/service do you offer?: Ingersoll Rand – Mocksville is a unique plant as it manufactures product for 3 strategic Ingersoll Rand product lines including Ingersoll Rand Compression Technologies Services, Thermo King, and Trane. We serve the Compression Technology Services Branch of Ingersoll Rand through the manufacturing of Rotary, Centrifugal, and Thermo King air compressors and by fabricating parts for our Trane businesses.

When was your business founded/established in Davie County? Established in Davie County in 1965!

The number of employees? ~410

Why did you choose Davie County? Ingersoll Rand was impressed with the town and county, which impacted the decision to purchase 130 acres of land. The majority of the land has remained rural, wooded, and uninhabited. Ingersoll Rand has a 24-acre campus in the heart of Mocksville.

What do you enjoy most about doing business in Davie County? Have there been specific benefits? “We work closely with the Chamber, EDC, and local schools. This level of involvement is often unheard of, but Davie County truly believes in its businesses, its people, and retaining both. We appreciate all of the support we have locally!”

What is your company’s “claim to fame”? What sets your company apart from other companies? “I would argue that we have the best employees in the country! In all seriousness, we are committed to upholding world-leading product quality at a business and employee level. Our employees show pride in their work and Ingersoll Rand, and that alone sets our company apart!”

What would you like people to know about your company? “We are expanding our business which is creating jobs in the community. We are remodeling the plant – making it a much cleaner and nicer work environment for our employees. We are increasing our support in the local community, financially and through acts of service. We are committed to being the best employer in Davie County!”

Physical address? 501 Sanford Ave, Mocksville, NC

Web address?

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