Jockey International Business Spotlight

Founded in 1876, Jockey International, Inc. is an American-based manufacturer and retailer of undergarments and sportswear. Jockey has origins in the crafting and selling of high-quality wool socks to lumberjacks, and has had continued success in the underclothing industry.     

Family-owned and based out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, this renowned company employs over 1,600 associates around the globe, with a major distribution center right here in Cooleemee. Jockey’s other manufacturing and distribution plants can be found in Canada, Hong Kong, Germany, and New York. 

Jockey Fun Facts

  • Jockey invented the first men’s Y-Front brief in 1934.
  • Jockey is a recognized trademark in 120 countries.
  • The company operates over 100 retail outlet stores in the US and also has its products featured in a multitude of stores.
  • Their charity, The Jockey Being Family Foundation, supports adoption efforts to help children grow up in supportive homes.
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