If you are a registered charity in Davie County, you can apply for a grant from one of Mocksville’s newest residents; employee-owned company, Scott Bader.

Apply here: https://www.scottbader.com/humanity/scott-bader-commonwealth/how-to-access-funds/

Scott Bader Donates at Least 5% of Profits

Scott Bader is proud to be in Mocksville, having recently invested $16 million in a new state-of-the-art facility located at 212 Quality Drive in the SouthPoint Business Park. The company is employee-owned, their unique structure means the company shares are held by a registered charity: The Scott Bader Commonwealth.

More than $500,000 Donated in 2021

Due to their charitable status, every year Scott Bader donates at least 5% of its profits to charitable activities and projects around the world. In 2021, they donated over $500,000 to charitable causes to help make a positive difference, as their company motto states. 

Davie County Charities Can Apply as of June 6th

With Scott Bader recently moving to Mocksville, they are actively seeking local charities in Davie County to apply for their grants. 

Applications are submitted during set periods throughout the year, and the next window opens on June 6th. If the application window is currently closed, please keep an eye on the website as the application window is never closed for long.

Scott Bader will also announce the opening of application windows via their social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  

Scott Bader employees volunteer within their local community. If you are looking for volunteers, get in touch with Scott Bader via their website: www.scottbader.com

Scott Bader Supports Employees & Volunteers

Scott Bader is proud to be in Mocksville and they want to give back to the local community. Not only can they offer funding for local charities but they also give every colleague a fully paid volunteering day to volunteer within the local community.

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Apply for Grants & Find Volunteers

If you are looking for volunteers, get in touch with Scott Bader via their website: www.scottbader.com.

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