Sabeti Wain Garrard Aerospace (SWG Aerospace) is investing in Davie County and creating new jobs here. They are located at 852 US Highway 64 West, in Mocksville at the former Eagle Heights Baptist Church. SWG Aerospace is a division of Sabeti Wain Aerospace, a global leader in the design and manufacture of airline passenger seatcovers with direct sales to over 20 major international airliners. Sabeti Wain Aerospace is headquartered in the UK with a second production operation in Dubai. Although it has started initially with a small team, it is expected that the new company in Mocksville, SWG Aerospace, will grow to about 50 employees. Depending on how well the new company does, the employment numbers could eventually grow to much higher than 50. The Sabetti Wain Aerospace operations in the UK and Dubai manufacturing plants employ 110 and 118 people respectively.

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