Palltronics Business Spotlight

Palltronics prides itself in being the only company to produce a shipping pallet that is fully trackable via GPS technology, and Mocksville is proud to be Palltronics’ first choice for manufacturing. Palltronics produces one-of-a-kind technology that is designed around efficiency and long-term use.

In 2021, the company leased an industrial facility at the SouthPoint Business Park with plans to create 200 new jobs in the Mocksville area. The company wanted a location on the East Coast, and Mocksville ticked off the boxes of being an ideal location with a workforce familiar with wood-based products due to the dominant furniture industry in the area. 

Palltronics Fun Facts

  • In addition to GPS technology, these smart pallets also include sensors for temperature, humidity, and acceleration.
  • Palltronics pallets are estimated to save up to $2.00 per unitized load due to a number of factors, including reduced fuel cost due to weight savings and reduced chance of having to replace the pallet. 
  • These pallets are also coated with Microban®, a specialized antimicrobial coating that counteracts bacteria and fungus to ensure a clean, odor-free surface to ship products on.
  • Palltronics pallets are load-tested for 5,600 pounds, which is double the Grocery Manufacturers Association standards for pallets
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