AccuMED-Davie-CountyIn another win for Davie County, AccuMED is moving its corporate headquarters from Buffalo, New York to Mocksville.  The company will invest approximately $3.5 million and create 40-50 jobs here!

Another Vacant Building Back in Business – Hiring to Begin in Spring
The company is moving into the former Ventlab building, a 78,300 square foot building located at 155 Boyce Drive in Mocksville.  AccuMED corporate headquarters in Mocksville is expected to include jobs in senior management, engineering, supply chain, production planning, information technology, human relations, quality assurance, logistics and warehousing, project management, finance, and general production and support positions.

The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority has approved a building reuse grant of $500,000 for building improvements to the 78,300 square foot building which has been vacant for approximately a year and a half.  Construction is expected to begin this month (November, 2015) with hiring to begin in the spring of 2016.

About AccuMED
AccuMED Corporation is a world-class engineering services and contract manufacturing partner for major medical product companies with a specialty in textile-based class I/II medical products that touch the body.  Using their knowledge of materials and how they interface with the human body, their world class engineering team works with their design teams to create and transform ideas into a product which meets the form, fit and function of unique application requirements.  Additionally, they provide turn-key design and manufacturing. Their integrated engineering, manufacturing and logistics capabilities enable them to provide one-stop, fast turnaround design and manufacturing.

Current products include CPAP Headgear, DVT Wraps, Patient Slings, Lateral Transfer Mattresses and Orthopedic Devices.

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